Need for Time taken to recover after Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants have been deemed as the best, durable solution for people suffering from damaged, broken, missing or decayed tooth. The treatment has been known to provide you with natural looking, yet beautiful teeth and healthy smile. However, the procedure for dental implant would be relatively lengthy. Therefore, it would be recommended that you should gather extensive knowledge about dental implant procedure prior to actually undergoing the treatment. You should go through some of the popularly asked dental implant queries.Working of dental implants

It would be pertinent to mention here that dental implants are made from titanium, which is a biocompatible material. It encompasses tiny pits and ridges on the surface. It would enable the bone to grow closely around the implant, providing proper support for artificial teeth. Fixed dentures or bridges would be attached to the teeth implants. It would help them not to move around in the mouth. It allows the patients to eat and speak comfortably.

In order to undergo teeth implant procedure, the patient would be required to possess adequate jawbone and healthy gums in order to support the implant. Moreover, the potential patient should have good overall health. While there is no upper age limit to undergo dental implant procedure, the lower age limit has been stipulated to 15 to 17 years. It has been done to allow complete development for jawbone.

Why is dental implant a time-consuming process?

After dental implant treatment, you should practice recommended oral hygiene and visit the dentist, as and when called upon by the good doctor. It would ensure long-term success of the Dental Implants.

The dental implants have been deemed complicated procedure as compared to normal the usual tooth restoration process. Therefore, when it comes to downtime for dental implant procedure, you should consider aspects such as density of jawbone, position of missing tooth in the mouth and physical condition of the patient. The actual process may not be time-consuming, but the planning, recovery and healing would be time-consuming process. It would depend on the following aspects.

  • Planning

This month-long process would entail the dentist conducting detailed evaluation of the patient.

  • Inserting the implant

The duration would vary from one to three days. It entails drilling of small hole in the jawbone where implants would be fitted.

  • Healing

It would vary from patient to patient. It usually takes around three to six months.The final reconstruction would take one to three days based on the number of teeth to be fitted.

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