How to Properly Take Care of Yourself After Lasik Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is a relatively simple procedure that is done to correct visual impairment. If you’ve been thinking about getting Lasik eye surgery, but you’re not sure if you’re ready for the recovery time, or you’re just a bit nervous about how you’ll feel after, keep reading. Not only are the results mindblowing, but the recovery time really isn’t all that long, as long as you follow these guidelines.

Make Sure to Protect Your Eyes

As you leave your appointment, you’ll most likely be given protective eyewear to wear once you get outside. You’ll be given instructions for how long to wear them, but make sure that you continue to wear sunglasses outside for awhile after your procedure, because your eyes will be extremely sensitive, especially out in the sun.

Leave the Makeup Alone

At least for the first week, set aside your usual beauty regimen. Don’t put on eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow. You don’t want to risk anything getting into your eyes. Because your eyes are highly vulnerable to infection, it’s important that you use brand new makeup once you do start wearing it again.

Avoid Certain Activities

It’s absolutely essential that you avoid doing anything that could cause damage to your eyes. Even if you think it might not hurt you, it could. A relaxing day on the beach could turn into a nightmare after San Antonio Lasik surgery.

Try Not to Strain Your Eyes

Avoid straining your eyes as much as you possibly can. This means not staring at your television or computer screen for too long. And unfortunately, this means not reading as much as you normally do. Try listening to an audiobook, or heading outside to enjoy the sounds of nature.

Don’t Drive

Until you get the approval from your doctor, it’s best to just stay out of the driver’s seat. Not only could you strain your eyes, but you could also having problems seeing, which could potentially cause you or others harm in the event of an accident.

Avoid Swimming

Pools and hot tubs are the perfect places for bacteria to hang out. Until your eyes are ready to handle the exposure, it’s best to stay out of places such as these.

You see, there’s really nothing to it. As long as you follow your doctor’s basic instructions on how to properly take care of your eyes after the surgery, you’ll be recovered in no time. Just remember to avoid situations where things could get into your eyes, such as dusting at home or going out on windy days, and avoid straining them too much, and you’ll be just fine. So there’s no need to wait! Make an appointment for a consultation today!

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