7 Tell-A-Tale Signs Of A Good Dentist!

Visiting a new dentist is always scary. In fact, a lot of people avoid appointments with their dentists, because they are just too intimidated about the experience. So, how do you choose the right one, especially when there are multiple dental clinics around? In this post, we have listed down seven signs that tell many things about a good dentist.

  • Open about his credentials. As a patient, you may have questions related to the experience and expertise of your new dentist. Known dentists never shy away from answering such queries. They will be open about their education, training, background and clients.
  • A great listener. Long before the dentist takes a look into your mouth, he will listen to your problems and dental concerns. A good dentist is also a good listener. Just like a doctor, he must be interested in your explanations and shouldn’t rush to start a treatment plan.

  • Offers genuine advice. Most people have learned new things about oral hygiene and dental care from their dentists. A genuine dentist should offer tips and suggestions on maintaining healthy teeth and gums, besides assisting with product choices.
  • Must be affordable. Like everyone else, you probably cannot afford a dentist who charges hundreds of dollars for each appointment. The term ‘affordable’ can be confusing, because some of the dental treatments are expensive. Nevertheless, there are standards that most known dentists follow for pricing.
  • Has a well-maintained office. Dental clinics should be clean, neat and well-maintained, and dentists practicing in such clinics are often very strict about these aspects. If you find a clinic with old instruments, dirty gloves or outdated equipment, you have reasons to avoid them. An experience dentist will never compromise on facilities and treatments.
  • Doesn’t sell treatments. If you visit a dental clinic for teeth whitening, you would just want to know if you are the right candidate and be done with the procedure. A good dentist doesn’t sell other treatments or cosmetic dentistry procedures. He is very specific and to the point when it comes to a particular treatment.
  • Values patient relationships. From general dental care to emergency services, clinics can offer a bunch of services, but at the end of the day, a good dentist is expected to maintain healthy relationships with his patients. He should be accessible and available on call and his office should follow up with you, after the first appointment. You can read this article to know more on general dental treatments.

If you are looking for a dentist, check online first, as most of the clinics have their websites these days, where you can find all the relevant details. Do not commit to a treatment, especially for an expensive one, unless you have evaluated the costs. Most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered under insurance, so your dentist should be able to explain the procedure and related costs in detail. Not to forget, check if the dentist is pursuing continuous education relevant to his discipline.

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