5 Great Reasons Why Pregnancy Massage is More Than a Good Idea

Pregnancy in itself can indeed be an uncomfortable time for the majority of women, that’s beyond a doubt, and something men will never know or fully understand!

And, pregnancy certainly comes with its challenges:

  • The amount of stress, which pregnancy can put on a woman’s body, can be difficult.
  • Also, the emotional ups and downs which are all part of an expecting mother’s experience.
  • Sleep will be affected.
  • And the development of aches and pains in places that you’ve never experienced before.

If you’re looking for a way to help in alleviating such concerns, as many other mothers to be have found out, your answer may be in specialist pregnancy massage.

Hormone Regulation

Medical studies have already shown that women who receive a massage during pregnancy are more able to regulate their hormones and if regular massages take place, there’s a drop in stress hormones.

Plus, increases in hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, which are both known as hormones linked to a decrease in depression and anxiety.

  • The regulation of these hormones assists in balancing mood and a drop in the irritability and mood swings which are all part of pregnancy.

Improved Sleep

More good news is that pregnancy massage from a pregnancy physio in Perth, has been medically proven to help mothers get a much better night’s sleep.

  • As a matter of fact, the improvement in deeper sleep patterns will also extend to after the pregnancy as well.

As most people are well aware, a good night’s sleep is a crucial component to our physical and mental well-being. If sleep is deprived it will affect a mother’s mood, her brain functionality, and greater health.

With the relieving of some of her stress, relaxing of muscles, and the releasing of endorphins, pregnancy massage is certainly something which any expecting mother should be considering.

Less Swelling

A lot of females will get to experience oedema, during a pregnancy. And even though it is a common symptom of gestation, it is for the vast majority of women extremely uncomfortable. In a number of cases, it makes it hard for a woman to even walk or conduct their daily responsibilities.

  • And kind of swelling in the ankles and limbs will certainly reduce a woman’s mobility.

Pregnancy massage is the perfect medicine to relieve some of the swelling by stimulating soft tissue and boosting circulation around the entire body.

Relieving the Commonplace Pregnancy Pains

You have probably noticed some new, unfamiliar pains since you’ve been pregnant, right? It may be a case of back pain(s) that you’ve never experienced before or you’ve noticed frequent headaches and/or joint pains.

  • Constipation is yet another symptom you may have had to deal with.

All of these are perfectly normal, but that isn’t going to make them any easier to deal with!

Fortunately, this is where massage comes to the rescue and perfectly will relax muscle tissue and relieves nerve compression. Do yourself and your baby a favour and check out pregnancy massage!

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